3, 6 and 9 unit Atom controllers

Atom Series

Smart Home and Automation Solutions

Multifunctional inputs ports illustration

Multifunctional inputs

Analog (thermistor, photoresistor, etc.), digital (motion sensors, lighting, switches, buttons, etc.), interface (1-Wire sensors)

Input status indication illustration


Input and output activity LEDs

Modbus illustration


Integrate third-party devices using the RS-485 interface

OLED display iIllustration

OLED display

For control and monitoring without network connection (optional for modification N)

Multimaster illustration


Decentralized information exchange system

Ethernet port iIllustration


Ethernet + WiFi (modification N)


Remote control

Possibility of remote control using your phone (modification N)

Changeable modules illustration


Assemble the controller for current needs and expand or change the functionality, replacing only the necessary components

Choose device for automation in i3 Home aplication


Create the rules of your home with the i3 Home app

Built-in load control meter illustration

Consumption control

Built-in current sensors to monitor the operation of devices

MQTT illustration


Integration with modern home automation systems


Quick configuration

Set up all connected devices in a few clicks in your mobile app

Temperature chart in i3 Home application


Graphs of electricity consumption, boiler operation, device usage statistics and much more

Voice assistant illustration

Voice assistants

Control the house with voice commands


Control panel

Use i3 Home app in tablet mode

CE certificate logo

CE certificate

The controllers meet the requirements of the EU directives and have passed the conformity assessment procedure

9 DIN Module

Controllers with advanced all-in-one functionality for easy installation and configuration of automation systems. A large number of inputs and outputs, as well as the ability to operate a single controller with different types of loads provide an easy and fast process of creating a Smart Home.

Atom Neon + R12 photo

Atom Neon + R12

A set of 8 dimmers for controlling low-voltage loads with DC consumption and 16 relay outputs will provide control of various low-power loads.

Atom Ferrum + R12 photo

Atom Ferrum + R12

Can be used for full automation of small projects. Best suited for controlling devices such as garage doors, motorized blinds, electric locks, pumps, actuators, boilers and more.

Atom Argon + R12 photo

Atom Argon + R12

Controller with a record number of outputs - 30! It is best suited for direct control of low-power loads or for switching on powerful devices by means of intermediate relays.

Atom Helium + DCD12 photo

Atom Helium + DCD12

A comprehensive solution that fits best for controlling different types of lighting devices. In addition to light control, it is perfect for controlling devices such as garage doors, electric locks, pumps, actuators and others.

Atom Helium + R12 photo

Atom Helium + R12

A universal solution for lighting and climate control. Change the brightness of the lamps (up to 300W per channel), or control the speed of fans and other AC motors. Also suitable for controlling devices such as garage doors, motorized blinds, electric locks, pumps, actuators, boilers and others.

Atom Carbon + R12 photo

Atom Carbon + R12

Controller for high loads control and auxiliary equipment. Best suited for automation of electric heating devices - electric boilers (including three-phase), underfloor heating, heaters, boilers, and water heating servos.

Atom Carbon + R3 photo

Atom Carbon + R3

He is a "heavyweight" in the Atom team. Designed to control powerful loads, as it is equipped with relay outputs with switching currents of 16 A and 26 A. You will not only be able to turn on powerful devices, but also conveniently organize controlled sockets for equipment with high starting currents.

6 DIN Module

Basic models of controllers to create the most flexible and multifunctional Smart Home systems. A variety of types of inputs, outputs and interfaces allow you to assemble an automation system of almost any level of complexity and functionality.

Atom Hydrogen photo

Atom Hydrogen

The set of multifunction inputs and modular architecture of outputs allow to use this controller to solve any technical problems, even if these tasks provide periodic change of types of input signals and types of loads. Change the configuration of outputs and inputs in real time without any tools.

Atom Helium photo

Atom Helium

Provides the ability to change the lighting level of LED, halogen and incandescent lamps, both individually and in groups (up to 300W per channel). In addition to light control, Atom Helium is perfect for controlling devices such as garage doors, electric locks, pumps, actuators and more.

Atom Neon photo

Atom Neon

The name itself says that its main purpose is to control modern lighting devices such as LED strips, furniture lamps, low-voltage LED lamps and more.

Atom Ferrum photo

Atom Ferrum

The ideal solution for controlling powerful and inductive loads, such as lighting groups, pumps, fans, electric motors, controlled sockets.

Atom Carbon photo

Atom Carbon

Designed to work with high loads. Not only you can turn on powerful devices, but also conveniently organize managed outlets and even use them to control the input power groups.

Atom Argon photo

Atom Argon

Ideal for controlling a large number of low-power loads: thermal heads, devices with dry contact inputs (garage doors, impulse blinds), intermediate relays, emergency lighting, electric locks and more

3 DIN Module

The controllers are only 3 modules (DIN) in size with a full set of input interfaces, relays at the outputs and DALI interface. Now smaller projects with remote control have become more accessible and functional!

Atom Magnesium photo

Atom Magnesium

Compact universal controller for home and industrial automation. It is best suited for small scale automation projects or for engineering networks, where the main control channel is the RS-485 interface with the Modbus protocol. It can also be used to increase the number of inputs in large systems.

Atom Barium photo

Atom Barium

Solutions for control of lighting devices using DALI protocol. Allows you to turn on and adjust the brightness of up to 64 lights with the appropriate interface.

Changeable Modules

Relays, dimmers for smooth load level regulation with direct and alternating current consumption, 0-10V interface. Thanks to the replaceable modules - it is all possible to control on one controller. This allows you to control a wide range of devices for both Smart Homes and industrial automation projects. Choose the functionality that you need.Available for Atom Hydrogen only

ACD+ module photo

ACD+ Module

Universal AC dimmer for adjusting lamp brightness and motor speed

ACD module photo

ACD Module

A great solution for controlling the brightness of lamps and fixtures. Ideal for silent load switching.

DCD module photo

DCD Module

Module for switching on and adjusting the brightness of LED strips, furniture lamps and other DC devices.

R module photo

R Module

Universal relay module for controlling low-power loads, devices with pulse inputs and for implementing a "dry contact" type output

10D module photo

10D Module

Module designed to control fan coils, fans, thermal heads and other devices with 0-10V or 1-10V interface


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